Saturday , 20 December 2014

ESO Lodge Future

As you may have noticed the site has not been updated in awhile.  This is due to many factors including playing to much ESO, too many other obligations and some health issues.  I love the community and ESO and would really like to see this site active and flourish.  With that said I am looking for someone who has the passion and time to take ESO Lodge over and shape it to their vision as they see fit.  If you are interested please send me an email with a little bit about yourself, why you want to take the site on and what your vision for the site is.  Thanks!

scott at


Lodge Update Part Deux

We are now on a new faster, better server which has unlimited growth potential.  With the move out of the way and the ESO launch behind us we can focus on features and enhancements of the site.  Look for some exciting new features and a new look soon!

We are looking for someone who knows wordpress and or php and we are also looking for a graphic artist/designer.  If can do either of these or have something else to offer and want a chance to contribute to the ESO community please send me an email. [email protected]

Lodge Updates

ESO Lodge is moving to a new, better, faster server.  There could be intermittent downtime trying to access the site but rest assured it is well worth it.

You might also notice there have not been many updates in awhile.  To tell the truth we have been busy playing Elder Scrolls Online!  It is simply an amazing game.  Look for first impressions editorial once the site has been fully transferred.

We are also working on some big changes and additions to the site and are excited to announce more details when the time is right.

Stay tuned!

Elder Scrolls Online Post Beta Pre Launch Thoughts

Here we are 6 days from the March 30th 7AM EST early access pre-launch of the Elder Scrolls Online for PC/MAC.  I thought it was time I better put together a short editorial on my thoughts thus far and my predictions for the future.  Since there are already so many articles like this out there I will make this short and sweet.

I will preface this by saying I love everything Elder Scrolls.  Elder Scrolls Online has not let me down with my love for the Elder Scrolls series.  Yes Zenimax Online Studios has certainly had to make some sacrifices compared to the single player games but I truly believe they have found a happy medium for single player and MMO players.  One of the greatest strengths about ZOS is their willingness to listen to the community and make changes they think will make everyone happy.  Sadly this could also be one their greatest weaknesses.

There has been heavy debate in the community about some so called knee jerk reactions by ZOS and that they are sacrificing their vision to please a small percent of the community.  I won’t go into those debates but if you are inclined you can easily find them.  I don’t necessarily agree that there is an issue since only ZOS knows their vision and roadmap and all the debates have been based on beta and the pts.  My only concern is if they are indeed knee jerk reactions but my opinion is they know what they are doing.

I have seen many changes each beta and each one has made the game even better.  To me the game is amazing as is and I will be spending countless hours playing it.  I cannot tell you what the future holds for ESO but I do know ZOS has put their heart and souls into the game and they WANT it to be the best and a place for you to call home for years to come.


Elder Scrolls Online Classes Achievement Naming Contest

Update:  Winners have been announced here.

Timothy and the folks over at Elder Scrolls Online Classes is having an Achievement Naming Contest.  Not only is this a very cool and fun contest, the prize is one of the best.  The winner will receive The Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Version.  Yes you read that right, The Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Version!

Head on over and submit your entry for your chance to win.

P.S. – Read through all the entries as there are some really good ones.

P.S.S. – Check out the rest of their site as it is really good!

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