Saturday , 20 December 2014

ESO Lodge Updates

The layout of ESO Lodge will be changing a little to emphasize the guilds more and to better see what guilds are up to.  Guilds with external websites will be able to add their website and show up in the directory hopefully by this weekend.  Another feature being worked on is to allow you to add an RSS feed to your guild stream of activites.  As always, contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  [email protected]

I just wanted to sticky a post on the front here to let everyone know as we do updates and add features.

  • Guild descriptions now supports full html!
  • Added Forum signatures. Click edit profile to add a signature.  These will also show on the guild website forums.
  • You can now quote people on the forums.
  • My Settings pull out menu now displays properly and also includes your avatar.
  • Avatars will now display across all ESO Lodge sites.  Previously only displayed on
  • Clicking create guild for non-logged in users now redirects to the register page.  No more 404!
  • Users must now be logged in to see the members list.

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