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        • Blood Pact


          BLOOD PACT



          Blood Pact is an international guild comprised of players in all timezones and strives to provide an exciting high end pvp experience at all hours!!! Blood Pact is a multi gaming community with a strong active membership, we are looking for other likeminded people who want a place to call home. We are a guild of highly skilled pvpers but are willing to train new members who are active and able to listen.
          We are founding members of the MistBorn Alliance comprised of guilds across all Timezones in order to compete on a serious level to crown the emperor of our campaign. We are still looking for a few other guilds to join the alliance particularly EU/BR/NA/AUS/SEA. Please contact me for more information!

          WoW (Vanilla) :Top 3 Server Horde Progression Guild (Dark Iron)
          Age of Conan (AoC) :Top PvP + PVE Guild on Hyperborea , Server First Tier 3 Keep , Server First Tier 1 Raid Clears (Kylikki/Vistrix/Yahkmar’s Cave), Server Founder of the Vision PvP Alliance Conquered all Keeps
          Aion :Top Guild on Israphel , Founding and Leading Member of Azmo Alliance, held Abyss for 5 straight months
          SWTOR :2nd highest PvP ranked Warzone team in the world Sith- (Fatman Server),top pvp guild on Hedarr Soongh and Top 3 PvE guilds on Hedarr Soongh
          Guild Wars 2 :Alliance Founder on IOJ, took server from tier 4 to Tier 1. Alliance Founder on Dragonbrand took server from tier 5 to Tier 2.

          Must be:
          PvP oriented (small + large scale)
          Active (3-5x a week)
          Use VOIP
          Use Forums

          Please visit us at and apply today!
          Please check out one of our more recent videos!

        • Brotherhood of Redemption

          Well Met, Friends! Brotherhood
          of Redemption is a clan who holds strong to the virtues of Honor, Integrity,
          Compassion, and Respect; upholding the values of all that is good in The Elder
          Scrolls Online.

          We are a social guild focused on PvE, crafting, AvA battles, and exploration,
          and we also will partake in light RP at times. We originated many years ago as
          a mercenary clan for aiding those in need in the spirit of honor and respect.
          We expect to hold many events o’er the course of time in the Daggerfall
          Covenant to explore the world and enjoy quests as a group. We are primarily
          from the Eastern timezone and are mature players looking for mature members who
          appreciate our values and plan to stick around in ESO for some time.

          We are an open guild in that we are accepting any playstyle as long as you are
          mature and respectful.

          We will primarily play on the PC/Mac Megaserver but all platforms are welcome
          to join. Daggerfall Covenant is our faction and where our AVA loyalties lie,
          however as long as you have a main character that is guilded with us in the DC
          faction, it is acceptable to also have characters of other factions for
          secondary play on your own.

          You also may belong to other guilds in addition to us, as long as your guilded
          characters quest with the BoR at least occasionally.

          Our site is located at

          We ask that any who wish to consider the Brotherhood as their family, read our
          Steps to Admittance and Rules & Charter topics in the public forums on our
          site to understand our ways. Then, if you remain interested in joining our
          ranks, please apply on our site. Hope to meet you soon!

        • Order of Terra

          MAIN INFO:

          Platform: PC

          Server: NA Megaserver

          Region: Global (we are an international community)

          Alliance: Ebonheart Pact

          Leaders: Jake (Australia) & Martthar (Finland)

          Playstyle: Casual -> Hardcore

          Age Requirement: None (mature)

          Voice Server: TeamSpeak 3 (

          Guild Size: 70+ members and growing

          Biters: We have biters ready to share their lycantrophy (werewolf) or vampirism (vampire) with YOU! (Current list of biters – )


          Nord, Argonian, and the Dark Elves have come together to form the Ebonheart Pact and to fight for a common cause.

          The Order of Terra is considered by many to be the spearhead of this alliance, representing some of the bravest, cunning and skilled warriors of our time.

          The Order will explore every crevice of Tamriel, speak to every villager, soldier, bard and innkeeper. We will assist the war effort in every way possible, from major battles, to minor errands. Our crafters will brew every potion, forge every weapon, and build the finest armour.

          We will lay siege to Cyrodiil, break every supply line, capture every keep, slay every enemy; and it will all be done for the glory of the Ebonheart Pact and its leader Joruun, acting High King of the Great Moot. We are Ebonheart. We are as one, and by this, our victory is assured.

          About us:

          Our community has existed in one form or another for almost 8 years now across various games and genres, and it is the unbreakable loyalty of our members that has brought us this far.

          We have a motivated and well-structured leadership and our roster boasts a large variety of experience from various MMOs and of course the Elder Scrolls series itself. Whilst we lean more towards a casual play style we can be competitive, and enjoy tackling the hardcore players and guilds from time-to-time.

          We encourage participation and regular activity, but we do not require it. We reward those who put the time and effort in, but we do not punish those who do not. Everyone has different commitments and priorities in life, and we try to run a team that does not discriminate against anyone’s lifestyle, but instead provide a guild suited to all.


          TREATMENT OF OTHERS: Our guild does not accept or tolerate any individual that belittles, intimidates, or taunts another. Whether it be by race, sexuality, gender, age or otherwise, any breach of this basic rule will be dealt with swiftly and without any second chances.

          BE A TEAM PLAYER: Be helpful to each other, whether it’s by assisting in quests, crafting items, locating materials or anything else. Work as a team, not as a lone wolf.

          VOICE SERVER: When participating in guild activities, members are required to use the provided voice server, you don’t need a microphone, but you must be able to hear others.

          SITE REGISTRATION: All members should be registered here on the official website to communicate with fellow members, participate in site activities, and most importantly, to remain up-to-date on any guild or game news.

          GUILD LOYALTY: We do not oppose those who wish to play in other regions, or in other guilds. However, we do ask that all members treat the Order of Terra as their main guild.
          JOIN TODAY! – ( )

          (please be aware that our new website is still a work-in-progress, but Martthar is working countless hours to keep it up-to-date!)

        • Severity Gaming

          Severity Gaming is a multi-game community that has been around for nearly 5 years. We are looking for individuals who want a fun environment to progress in. We pride ourselves on professionalism in game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun! We will be running a late night weekend raid team and PvP teams on weeknights. We need you to help us bring glory to the Daggerfall Covenant! Join today at

        • The Ivory Shield

          To pick up the Ivory Shield is to purge oneself of prejudices and take up arms against the true evils of Tamriel. She is our home and we will protect her! Race and past do not matter to us. If you are willing to united for the greater good and defend our homeland, then you are brothers to us. We treat all races as equals; we are all brothers-in-arms. We will bring peace to Tamriel!


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