Saturday , 20 December 2014

The Elder Scrolls Anthology Holiday Giveaway

ESO Lodge is giving away 2 copies of The Elder Scrolls Anthology.  There are multiple ways to increase your chances of winning.  Sign in below and enter your chance to celebrate the holidays in Tamriel!

Note:  This giveaway is in no way associated with Zenimax Online Studios.  Winners will be contacted and announced within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway.

anthologyGiveaway has ended.  Thank you all for participating! 

Congrats Kagonos and Septimus the Bloodbringer on winning a copy of the Elder Scrolls Anthology!


Submit your comment below for 10 extra chances in the giveaway.  This fulfills the first requirement of the giveaway by answering this question. If your present was the opportunity to ask Zenimax Online Studios one question about The Elder Scrolls Online, what would it be? 


  1. Avatar of Blue

    will there be any expensive extentions to the game?

  2. Avatar of broscottcho

    PVE endgame, can you give us anything, please!!

  3. Avatar of Jared Forman

    is maiq the liar going to have an appearance? :P

  4. Avatar of Kagonos

    How will botters, gold farmers and other game ruining players be handled?

  5. Avatar of schriljiljur

    how many quests will be in the game at launch?

  6. Avatar of Kyle

    How extensive is the range of different weapons/armors?
    I like to be different, i like lots of different clothing types! just for aesthetics anyway.

  7. Avatar of Tim Ryan

    How will the guilds work and will a player be able to ascend to the top of any?

  8. Avatar of trey

    If there was one thing that you would have done different if you had more time or just something that didnt work with well with all your systems?

  9. Avatar of Karoneth

    I wanted to know what PvE content we can expect for group sizes larger than 4-person at launch.
    I have heard that groups may be formed up to 24-person size, but I don’t know what different content you may have for 10, 12, or 24 person parties and if that content is limited to only certain level ranges.

  10. Avatar of Michael Whalen

    what would i ask? What kinds of weapons and armor will be available? and is stealth really worth going into for late game PvP?

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